About Us.

Why WestPerthPilates.com?

Pilates is made not just for the young and active. It’s neither just an exercise nor gymnastics. Pilates is an art. It has philosophy on its practices that studios are striving to put on their league; and we are one of those best Pilates’ studios.

West Perth Pilates is centered on the practices of Joseph Pilates (the founder). Our discipline is cored upon the objective of enhancing both the mind and body of our students. We believe that the Pilates’ artistic movements can positively change lives for a better and healthier way of living.

Our team is a community which focuses more on movement, how it can develop thinking and eventually change people’s lives. We are more than just a trainer; we are all partners here with one objective. You will have our unwavering support along the way in achieving your desired healthy life.

As diverse individuals, it is the primary factor that separates us from the average Joes. Even with different nationalities, beliefs, styles, and perhaps with different philosophies, still our goal remains the same – to make this world a healthier place. Therefore, we believe in Pilates’ benefits that it can bestow.

Fitness practitioners have seen the big difference after trying Pilates. They’ve seen improvements in their flexibility, circulation, posture and abdominal strengths. Furthermore, they also concluded that their back, neck, and joint pains have been alleviated. Pilates when properly done and supervised can achieve the aforementioned objectives or even more.

West Perth Pilates has expert and high skilled mentors who will guide you in performing Pilates with discipline. We share Pilates’ philosophy as guide for our students to educate them in body awareness. We believe that the key to a healthy body is a healthy mind.

We offer the best solutions for a stressed out career, paying for expensive classes and other hindrances in achieving a healthier life. We have video tutorials for you to enjoy. It doesn’t require expensive apparatus since you only need the most common items found at your home. At the same time, guarantee that you’ll get the results that you want in the long run.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate. Enroll in a Perth Pilates studio and achieve a healthier you.