Principles of West Perth Pilates

Posted on September 10, 2013 · Posted in West Perth Pilates

The Pilates unique approach of exercise has been around for decades. Its practices have been used by many performers, gymnasts, dancers and other fitness enthusiasts. Today, the Pilates routine is the new trend of body toning exercises because of its rich tradition, convenience and mind over body philosophy.

Pilates originally has six principles as made by founder Joseph Pilates. It serves as guide for West Perth Pilates and other practitioners of Pilates. Such guides include concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing. These are used together to attain a healthy mind and body.

Concentration. The way exercise is done has more importance than the exercise itself. Pilates has high demand for concentration on what you are doing. This will help you with smooth movements of the body and attain a still mind.

Control. “Contrology” is the term preferred by Joseph Pilates to call his method as it is cued from the idea of controlling your muscles. The objective of a thorough concentration is to achieve full control of your movements. Achieving full control of your body is not that simple. However, the Pilates method can help you make it easier.

Centre. The centre is also the core of Pilates method. The centre of the body is comprised of the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks and inner thighs which practitioners call the powerhouse. Finding the centre of the body is important in movements. The strength will come from the powerhouse outward through extremities.

Flow. Pilates direct the body to its natural flow or efficiency of movement. Flow is important through the use of appropriate exercise transitions. This is used in building strength and stamina. Pilates discipline emphasizes that the energy from the centre should coordinate movements up to its limit. This means that movement is flowing outward from a strong powerhouse.

Precision.  It is an essential principle in Pilates. Pilates, same with other exercises, requires precision or proper execution. Lest done improperly loses the benefits if its value.

Breathing. Pilates accentuates great importance in breathing “bodily house-cleaning with blood circulation.” It is essential to breathe sufficient oxygen in blood circulation through every part of the body. It involves cleansing and revitalizing. Breathing always plays a vital part in every movement or routine.

These principles cored the routines of Perth Pilates Studios and other Pilates studios around the globe. Through the proper imposition of these principles, a healthy mind and body is being achieved.